Bringing back the true sprirt of reggae Zuluman makes another valuable musical contribution to the German music scene by introducing a new crossover between reggae and rock.This new sensation combines modern roots reggae grooves with rocky guitar riffs.Representing a new generation of musical appreiciation Zuluman and the Blackmind's style is designed to suit both old and new skool fans.The forces of energy created by  the band demand fan participation turning.Everybody gotto dance when they are on stage.The Zimbabwean born reggae star is currently on world tour with his new album Protekshaan.


Zuluman musical career dates back to the early 90's in Harare where he joined the countries top reggae band Transit Crew as lead vocalist. With several hit songs the group dominated the Southern African music scene performing at countless festivals like Zimbabwe Sunsplash and Zimbabwe independence gala. They also performed for Nelson Mandela on his first visit to Zimbabwe after being released from prison.

On moving to Germany Zuluman grounded Lion Tribe Music lable and publishers. He was also founder of many projects popular like Reggae Homeground, Newbeats, Zuluklan, Millnium of Dub, Lions Den Band and most recentlly Blackmind and ARKeV(African Roots Köln.





2016 African Reggae fi di World

2015 Tingz Magazine/Zimdancehall fi Germany

2014 Music Gegen Gewalt.

2012 Blackmind The formation of Blackmind band /Childrens drum workshop

Zuluman is part of the group responsible for the formation of ARK.eV African Roots in Köln.This organisation was formed to help local based african musicians get recogntion by the official German organisations who support culture.

2008 Reggae Homeground, Zuluman forms Reggae Homeground in Underground club 1 x per month performances by Zuluman,Junior Kelly Tosh meets Marley, Ganjaman, Fitta Warri, Raymond Wright, Singing U, King C Red, Sista Lydia, Chaliss Butto, Upfull Vision, Junior Kigwa, Goldi, Fu Fu Bang,Lions Den, OneDropLeft, Riddim Culcha, Guava Jelly,Tizar,Afriklan Sound system, Living Culture sound, Dignity Sound, Sunfire Sound, Mau Mau Warriors and DJ Kultur Revolte.Christmas Blazze up festival Carnivalall pull up, Nazis Bleibt Draussen and Free Zimbabwe promoted by lion Tribe Music.

2006 LIONS DEN BAND Zuluman forms the Lions Den backing Band to present the labels artists. Performances at the WM Togo haus and Reggae Jam 2006 with fitta Warri has been one such presentation.

2005 LION TRIBE MUSIC- Zuluman formed lion Tribe Music label and Publisher in köln .

2003 MORE ROCKERS- Zuluman organises and tours with Smith & Mighty (More Rockers) the Godfathers of Jungle/drum & Bass. A 8 city tour across Germany. Bringinn a mix ofJungle with reggae the fans got to see and feel the power of united musical forces from Brixton and Köln.

2002 NEWBEATS- Newbeats entertainment,concert and parties in Film house. performances by Zuluman and the Steppas band, Professor Patch, King, C Red, 1 zu 1 band ,Kingstone Soundsystem, Fireball , Natty Crown, Small Axe, Lionheart, Syndicate Sound, Onedrop sound, Do Fire Sound. Concepts : Rage against the War festival, Kill dem Badness, Beats and grooves festival

2000 The formation of Millenium of dub Winner MTV Ejay contest with song Gangster

1999 SOLO Zuluman goes Solo after recording Red Blood.

1998 ZULUKLAN-This project brought reggae and electronics together. Using programed drums and samples ovelayed by live bass, guitar,and keyboards and 2 singers the outfit performed at festivals like Pop Kom,Ring Fest,Nomad festival ,Kantine festival as well as countless clubs around Germany.

1996 REBELITES -Through the Jamaican Embassy in Germany record the official song for the the Reggae Boyz (Jamaican National football team)during WM in France ..Jamaica come kickup.

1992 KÖLN Welcomed into Germany with an open air in Dormagen. He has since then performed on many stages in Europe like PopKom Ring Fest", "Africa Tage", "Womad", "Rage aginst the War", "Reggae Unity" and "Reggae Revolution Bash". He has been backed by I Witness, The Zuluklan, The Rebelites, Monster Riddim, Okada Supersound and Steppas Band The Ire Rainbows and Fu Fu Bang.

1991 SEVEN SEALS- After the split up of Transit Crew Zuluman formed his own band the Seven Seals Crew. The band was chosen to represent expressions of the young people in the film made by the BBC " My People Our Struggle". The group also toured Zimbabwe with the late Denis Brown and Third World before making a short tour through Germany in summer 1991

1990 Outstanding performances at Zimbabwe Sunsplash and a concert for Nelson Mandela welcoming him to Zimbabwe 2 weeks after his release from prison

1988 TRANSIT CREW He moved to the capital city, Harare where he joined the countries top reggae band Transit Crew as lead vocalist. With 3 albums and hit songs like "The message","Zimbabwean girls" and "Crazy "dominating the Southern African reggae market the band headlined countless memorial festivals and concerts, performing to millions of African reggae fans before touring Japan in

1982 Inspired by Bob Marley's performance at Zimbabwe's independence celebrations and motivated by reasoning with Misty in Roots. Zuluman's relationship with Culture began as an Artist and Singer with Kubatana Kultural Club and the Mystic Power Band in Gweru.

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