Zulumans interest in art began in high school where he learned the basics to painting, drawing, printing and craft. After leaving school he retuned as the instructor for the schools Art Club for a year.He then too art into the streets by selling paintings around the streets of Gweru and Bulawayo. He also brought it into the ghetto by training young artists at Kubatana Kultural club in Mkoba.

In 1989 hegraduated at the BAT Workshop at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and Cambridge Universaty UK.


National Prize Winner

Zimbabwe independence Design 1989


16X4m Backdrop.

Prints: Celebrations Program.

Prints: Table cloths, Caps and Cups




















Wall Mural National Gallery of Zimbabwe

Poster Colour on Cement.

2nd Prize: Contemperory Arts

Zimbawe Heritage 1989.

Oil on Canvas.

Inkomo Zami - Oil on Canvas.


Oil on Canvas.


Oil On Canvas.

Bread Basket

Oil on Cnvas

Aquaryl on Card

Aquaryl on Card

Water Colour

Water Colour

Painting in Harare

Painting a Banner.

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