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Record Lable. Lion Tribe Music.


Album Process of Healing

Lion Tribe Music. @2024

Album: Intence

10 songs

Lion Tribe Music @2024

Mini Album No Mistake

Soul Fire Production/Lion Tribe Music.@2022

5 Songs.

Single and Video: Mit Dir.

Project AnJahZulu.

Lion Tribe Music @2021.

Single: Never give up

Collab Zuluman / Dascha Riemt.

Video Album: Therapy

Lion Tribe Music.

Single and Video: More Fire Baby

Project: Pay Day Artists

Lion Tribe Mosic @2023

Single and Video: I Dunno

Project: Pay Day Artists

Lion Tribe Mosic.


Single : Revolution

Collab: Zuluman / Shelly Quest

Single and Video. Soya-ho

Collb: Zuluman / Yaovi

Lion Tribe Music.

Simgle: All Around the World.

Single and Video: Pride in Music

Collab: Zuluman / Seltza Florida/Dotta Coppa Jamaica.

Lion Tribe Music.

Single: WAR  Collaboration Zuluman Seltza

Liontribe Music(Germany) Seltza Music (Florida) EverBlaze Pro(Kenya)

Mini Album-Itiopia Great Motherland

Collab Zuluman/ Ark Chant Productions (Spain)

5 songs

Single and Video: Eat Clean

Lion Tribe Music

Click here to review it. 2018 SINGLE-Moyo Wangu - House of riddim Production.
Click here to review it. 2015 ALBUM - PROTEKSHAAN - Lion Tribe Music & Ever Blazzing Productions.
Click here to review it. 2008 ALBUM - WISEUP- Lion Tribe music.
Click here to review it. 2005 EP - NO BAD CARD- Lion Tribe Music.
Click here to review it. 2004 ALBUM - KEEPING IT REAL - Lion Tribe Music.
2002 ALBUM -AMEGEDDEON STYLE - Lion Tribe Music.
2001ALBUM - Red Blood -Lion Tribe Music & The Rebelites.
Any Wedda
Download Any Wedda from my latest Album
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Neva fall in love
ZuluMan14 Neva fall in love.mp3
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