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Authentacy brings confidence into innovation. With an open mind you can achieve anything.


Capturing the musical admiration of new and young  music hearts Zulumans distinct style of reggae rides between the lines the old school reggae and modern dancehall style Trap grooves.

The Zimbabwean born reggae star has been based in Köln since early 90s where he created the cities first Reggae band the I Witness.

Since then he has created many projects that were instrumental to the development of Köln Reggae artists and musicians. His projects like Reggae Homeground and Lions Den gave opportunity to a new generarion of musicians and artists in the city.

Zuluman embraces all styles of music and is constantly creating new grooves by making crossing overs Electronic Dub, Hip hop, Afrobeats Rock etc. On stage Zuluman brings vibrant energy, experience and conviction that appeals to a wide audience.

By fluently switching between singing and Dee jaying he is able to create a powerfull self vocal character that communicates and resonates wth the fans.

His musical career dates back to the early 90's as lead vocalist of legendary Zimbabwe’s band Transit Crew. His new album Intence will be released in March 2024.


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